About us, Daylily Dreams Cooperstown Bed and Breakfast About us

We have always enjoyed growing daylilies, as they reward us with their unique beauty, especially in July, and require little effort. Each September, after the blooms have faded, we find that we need to divide our clumps to ensure vigorous growth the following season. This is how we can offer some varieties for sale.

We selected our Cooperstown bed and breakfast for its spacious rooms for our guests' comfort, as well as for the availability of room and a sunny location in which to grow our beloved cultivars. Our planting areas offer our sun loving perennials room to grow to perfection. We belong to AHS (American Hemerocallis Society) and our garden has been designated an official display garden for the AHS. As we divide our plants, it's good to know that they will have a happy home, and be enjoyed by our guests.

We love daylilies so much that we have named each room in our Cooperstown bed and breakfast for one of our favorite flowers. When you make your reservation, don't be surprised if we assign you to "Meadowsweet," or "Moon Dazzle," or perhaps "Paper Butterfly." They just may work their magic on you.